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For Pup's Sake was started in Fairfax, Virginia after owner and trainer Lara Cohn left her 9-5 in Tyson's Corner and followed her passion for training dogs and helping people form lasting bonds with their canine companions. As she learned from her own dog, Jameson, life is not always an easy happily-ever-after after adoption. Upon realizing she was in over her head with a difficult dog and finding herself unable to find the help that she wanted in Northern Virginia, she went on a hunt for an education that could not only help her and Jameson, but could help others facing similar problems with their furry best friends. 

Lara graduated from Starmark Academy in Hutto, TX at the top of her class and came home with more than just a diploma: Lara and Jameson returned home to Virginia with an unbreakable bond, more knowledge than they knew what to do with, and a new family member -- Sidney the Dalmation!


Lara, a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, now works as a trainer full-time, helping families teach their pups how to be the best members of society they can be. She is qualified to help you with puppy training (puppies are the BEST!), general basic obedience/manners, reactivity, socialization, and more.

Lara Tal Cohn, a dog trainer in Fairfax, VA is a graduate of Starmark Academy.
Lara Tal Cohn, a dog trainer in northern VA is a member of the IACP!


Lara is a Starmark Academy graudate who is constantly striving to better herself as a trainer and teacher. From attending seminars and workshops multiple times a year to undertaking an intense internship with an excellent, seasoned trainer, Lara's education never stops. The humans she works with never have to worry that the things they're learning are outdated or stale (and the pup's never have to worry about the freshness of the treats, either). 


If having a well-behaved, well-manered dog is what you're looking for and an incredible bond with your furry friend is your end goal, look no further.


For Pup's Sake is your perfect fit.

There are so many trainers in the Richmond metro area. It's hard to know who to pick or -- more importantly -- who to trust with your best friend. At For Pup's Sake, Lara understands and stresses the importance of training through relationship. This means that, while she covers the basic commands, the basis of every goal you have with your pup circles back to respect, trust, and a common understanding.

Lara Tal Cohn of northern Virginia's For Pup's Sake is a Fairfax, VA dog trainer.

"Lara's in-depth knowledge and flexibility can help you build a better bond and happier co-existence with your dog."

"Every time we visit family and friends they tell me what huge (and great) change they see in my 9-year-0ld dog, Brandy,  since training with Lara."

"The best thing about Lara's technique is that she trains the human (me/you) to train the dog for lasting results."

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