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Before Lara, our life with our dogs was chaotic and unmanageable! We couldn't walk our dogs without them pulling us and reacting negatively towards other dogs. They did not obey commands very well. They ran around our house like they owned the place!


Since we began training with Lara we can now walk our dogs comfortably and enjoyably. The dogs now have rules and boundaries. They finally respect us! We chose Lara because there was an instant connection during her consultation with us. We decided to look no further and go with her right away. Best decision ever!


Lara has proven to be thorough, kind, caring, and effective. Her style of training helps us to understand what the dog is thinking, therefore making it easier for us to know how to lead them. She explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and guides you through with hands on training. She is super easy to work with. We love her and completely trust her with our dogs! Our life with our dogs has improved one hundred percent. We highly recommend her!


I called Lara when my three dogs ended up in a nasty fight, resulting in an expensive surgery. She was able to help us in a short amount of time. She is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable teacher and dog trainer.


She never tried to talk us into unnecessary products or sessions and I thoroughly enjoyed each of our sessions. Additionally, she was participating in ongoing professional development while we were working together. This is a sign of how seriously she takes her work and that she is constantly learning more. My dogs loved her and they have been wonderful ever since! I cannot recommend her enough! I can't imagine that you will find a better trainer in this area! I have the utmost respect for Lara Cohn.



Lara is terrific, and we recommend her wholeheartedly! Whether you need basic obedience or have a dog with serious problem behaviors (as was the case with our dog), Lara's in-depth knowledge and flexibility can help you build a better bond and happier co-existence with your dog. In our case, we deeply appreciated that Lara recognized those areas where we could use new/improved techniques and skipped over the areas where we were ok. This saved us both time and frustration, and allowed us to more quickly address the true problem areas. We still have much work ahead, but I am incredibly grateful to Lara for putting us on the right track!



When my 9-year-old dog Brandy and I first moved to the area I wanted the transition to be seamless, especially because our new roommate had two cats and Brandy wasn't sure she could trust other animals.


Lara was incredibly helpful and flexible when it came to working with us in our home and on walks. She focused her attention on me, not my dog, teaching me how to handle situations so that we could be successful even when Lara wasn't there. She was very adaptive in training sessions to recreate the situations that Brandy and I needed work in (like having her husband act as a stranger ringer our door bell!) but was always careful not to stress my timid dog out. 

After our last session with Lara and her own pup, Brandy is doing much better with other animals, she actually enjoys playing with other dogs and is no longer scared of the cats in the house. I now know what signs to look for when she's getting stressed, can look out for something that might scare her, and redirect her attention in those situations. Every time we visit family and friends they tell me what a huge (and great) change they see in Brandy since training with Lara. She's much more relaxed and focused. I am so grateful for Lara and would recommend For Pup's Sake to anyone!


Our pup's fear of people was dictating what we could and couldn't do, who we could have over and when, etc. I was always on edge when people were around, because I was not sure how Bonnie (our pup) would react. 


Lara gave us steps to take when folks come over and general rules for interacting with strangers. While Bonnie is still improving, I am much less anxious, as we have a plan that works when visitors come over. Lara has given us the freedom to have a social life again.


We picked Lara because her methods were mostly, but not 100%, positive reinforcement (which we had been trying for quite some time without success in the more extreme areas of Bonnie's fearful behavior). Also, she had great reviews online. We really appreciate that Lara explained how to communicate with Bonnie in all different situations. 


If I could rate higher than 5 stars I would. If you're debating getting a trainer, or can't decide who to go with, take my word for it and give her a call! You'll be so glad you did!! 

When I got my Golden Retriever puppy I knew I wanted to get a trainer. I did my research and decided Lara seemed like a good fit. Sessions with her were absolutely worth every penny and I'm confidant that my puppy has the foundation necessary to grow into a really well behaved dog. 

I purchased multiple sessions, but even after just the first I saw results. She really understands how to communicate effectively with dogs and had my puppy engaged and responding to commands after the first hour. 

After four sessions we got rid of puppy biting, he fully understands sit, down, touch, loose leash walking, drop it, leave it and how to go to and stay in his bed. 

Lara is a dog training superstar!

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